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Front pages of French newspapers bearing pictures of US president-elect ...
Front pages of French newspapers bearing pictures of US president-elect Barak Obama. Tracing the arc of history to a day many thought would never come, Barack Obama is to be sworn today as America's 44th and first black president -- and wade into a sea of troubles.(AFP/Jacques Demarthon)

The greatest farce in the History of the world is currently under way in Washington D.C.
All over the world, people, politicians, the media have succumbed...
They are all waiting for the Messiah...

You may spend hours studying the archives of presidential inaugurations. Nowhere will you find such a craze, such exaggeration, such extravagance.

America has become mad, and so has the whole world.

Obama's egomaniac nature is becoming more and more obvious, and nobody cares...

He, his Party, and even the Republicans have discredited themselves entirely.
They have no dignity : how can they accept such a huge Inaugural ? Spending 170Million dollars while people are losing their jobs and cannot afford their homes.

In a moment, we will have to endure the speech from the Selected One.

In front of Greek columns, the Lincoln Memorial, 20 American Flags, Hollywood Elite, the Oprah show and so on and so on...

We will have to listen to ONE more "change" speech from the Almighty Obama.
We've heard this man speak for 18 months about what he is going to do .... eventually! . He is going to end the war and suffering, feed the hungry, bring peace to all nations, restore our souls, feed the multitudes, turn water into wine.

And, what is he doing at the moment ?
He is  taking millions of dollars from Wall street to fund a four day, rock star party. The money that American taxpayers ("WE the PEOPLE") had no choice but to give to bail out these companies.
Tell me, where's the change ?

But who cares, anyway ?
Nobody wants to know the truth...
A president who was not even eligible, who has hidden his past, refused to reveal the truth about his birth, his origins : Indonesian ? British ? Kenyan citizen ?

A selection of the front pages of Kenya's national papers covering ...
A selection of the front pages of Kenya's national papers covering U.S. President elect Barack Obama is seen in Nairobi, Kenya, Tuesday, Jan, 20 2009. Obama will be inaugurated as America's 44th president later in the day.(AP Photo/Khalil Senosi)

A president who is going to swear on the Bible whereas he has always hidden the truth about his Muslim faith (to quote him in his own words : "My Muslim faith")

Another paradox :
this inauguration was supposed to be the most open and accessible inauguration in history, wasn't it ?
So, why is it the most security heavy, and and why is D.C. being blockaded?
Another funny thing, if he wants to "connect people", why is there VIP seating? Shouldn't they all be mingling together in their "yes we can" mentality? 

However, thinking twice, there is nothing surprising in the way things are organized today...
 Obama, at the lowest financial point in his lifetime, was a kid living in an upper class household (his grandparents), with all the privileges that class status brings. He attended private schools as a youngster, had an even more extravagant Ivy League college education, and he made 4.5 million just last year. He lived in a very affluent neighborhood in Chicago for years, which he obtained with the assistance of Rezko, and Ayers lived not far away.
He and Michelle have surrounded themselves all their married lives with those who have low morals yet wealth and lavish lifestyles, and her salary at her last job, was absolutely obscene.The backlash MAY come when it begins to dawn on his voters, that he played them like a violin. Going into impoverished areas of Chicago to be a community organizer, has paid off for Obama, like gangbusters. His stance was that he understood their pain as he, too, understood racial issues as a person of color and has faced similar struggles.

President-elect Barack Obama visits a renovation project at ...
President-elect Barack Obama visits a renovation project at Sasha Bruce Youthwork, a shelter for homeless or runaway teens, in Washington Monday, Jan. 19, 2009.(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

In reality, he left out that he had the enormous benefit of a white, upper class upbringing. 

Although  he claimed that at one time his mom was on food stamps-yet, no record of this can be found. He got a lot of support and later, votes, from those poor neighborhoods as a result. His campaign then switched over to identifying with the middle class, with his speeches & infomercial.
He capitalized on the inequities of racial divides, particularly with the impoverished, and the desperation the middle class feels, due to the economic crisis.

And people fell into the trap, and now they are happy, even if he spends THEIR money to be crowned like a king, an emperor.

The middle class are starving dogs.
Now they should get ready after the gala, to be thrown a bone or two from Obama, which he’ll do in an attempt to quell their concerns about him.

A woman is pictured with President-elect Barack Obama merchandise ...

One last thing: it's rather pathetic to see Obama try so hard to convince us that he is another Lincoln. It's one thing (also pathetic) to see the media compare him to Lincoln, it is another thing entirely to have Obama do it himself. From riding into Washington on the railroad car to speaking Sunday in front of the Lincoln memorial to being sworn in on the same Bible Lincoln used to reminding us constantly that he is assembling a "team of rivals".


Enough already. Lincoln became immortalized because he set the course of this nation for four years during what really was the biggest challenge ever faced by this nation. And he succeeded. Lincoln didn't compare himself to other great men before he had even served a day in office.

Obama is going to have a coronation worthy of a king.
But does he deserve it ?
What has he done so far ?
What has he done in favour of American people ?

I wonder if during the parade, anyone - voters or media - will have the honesty to shout "The Emperor has no clothes!" ?

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