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Imagine this is your year, you are the most qualified candidate in decades and on field, most of the establishment in place was chosen, promoted or helped by your spouse for decades.  Imagine the entire world has liked you and known you by your first name for ages. Imagine you have an impeccable reputation of one of the smartest and hardworking seated American senator.


Pretty much a shoe-in party candidate you would say.


Yeh. Well no. Not exactly.  There is a little BIG detail in the way.


The year in question is the Year of the Woman. The nation seems is spoon-fed likeability and not competence. Your experience is not executive, therefore made irrelevant. The establishment is misogynist to the gills and the world does not have a say in this one. But most of all you are born with the most defective part in politics: A Vagina!!!


And that is gaming the game against you.


Your party apparatchiks are either male baby boomers who lost their bids to the job you want or younger men who dream to get the job you are aiming at.  


And there is no way they will let a “wooooman” win where they failed or being the leader they will have to compose with for at least four years.


No matter how stubborn you are, how much you are willing to persevere, how bad you want to shatter that glass ceiling, it is not gonna happen. Period. Even if you win and keep on winning with the voters, it is not gonna happen. Period.


The game is rigged and has been rigged from the start.


The big boys chose their ideal candidate.  They handpicked an inexperienced, flawed, new on the scene but charismatic, young charming and ethnically correct MALE.  A man who will owe them big time, a man they made, a man they can surround with themselves or their favorites, a man they can control.


When the DNC said they wanted to control both Congress and the White House, it really meant it! Better believe it.


So, if you have not only vagina but also a brain, how to you stay relevant, recover and eventually get ahead again?


YOU GAME THE GAME AGAIN. You turn the tables on them.


What made Obama the ideal candidate to the DNC, also makes him the ideal target for a well played manipulation.


His inflated ego and delusion of self grandeur makes him prime to flattery. Any intelligent being masquerading into an affable, subservient helper dedicated to success of his/her master can move in and quickly makes him/her indispensable. Nothing new there.


In June, after having studied her opponent up-close for months, Hillary moved to plan B.

First she has to morphed from “not only I am your equal but I am better than you”, to first “I am not better, you won” and second “I am not your equal, you’re superior”. Hence the Unity meeting and the Convention roll-call. 


Hail to the Chief!!! And then, 130 + events, rallying crowds, convincing her die-hard supporters to move on and vote for him and raising millions of dollars for him rather than for paying down her own debt.


In few months, Hillary totally neutralized herself in the eyes of Obama, to the point of becoming a trusted ally of his.  She turned her major defect, being a woman, into the only weapon the others in the DNC could not have. She became his ultimate defender and protector. She became the “I love-you-no-matter-what” mother figure Obama yearned for all his life. She moved into the painful vacuum being abandoned by his own mother had left.


And from there she pretty much could leverage any thing she wanted. 


And Hillary wants out of the Senate, because the Senate has for now offered all it had to offer her. It gave her the credibility and respect she needed to move from the position of first lady to that of a politician in her own name.  But now the Senate is part of the Congress which is voting vastly unpopular bailout packages without even blinking, and even if most of the country wrongly believe Republicans still control it, that will change soon. No more free pass for that Congress. If you thought that its approval numbers were in the toilet before, get the plunger, you’re gonna need it before long to find them.


More over the Senate is an antiquated structure with strict hierarchy and seniority rules, loaded with misogynist pigs.  I will be years before she has a shot at the Senate party leader position. In the meantime, she will be one of 100. A brilliant one, but still one of many.


For the past year, Hillary has been front and center. She loves it. And she wants it to stay that way.


She knows the economic front looks as bleak as it can be. She knows the team Obama is assembling on the domestic front has the odds stack against it for one and is not up to par for two. No new blood there. No new vision.  Talk of programs ala New Deal. Recycling a one hundred years old breakthrough in the age of globalization. Breathtaking idea!!!


She also knows the only success stories to be told will be found on the International front. For the past two years, Rice has quietly redirected American foreign policy into more gentle waters.  More negotiations, less John Wayne. 

 A good framework has already been implemented.  She also knows in time of acute crisis, Bill’s still very active connections and experienced advises would make the difference.


There is only one Secretary of State at the time.  It is the most important cabinet seat.  She can be good at it. She can lead there. She can bring Obama’s presidency the only successes it will have. She knows it can make her shine by contrast.  She knows that as long as she is successful in her goals, Obama’s will keep her around and influential. She can be the only success story of a failed Obama’s Administration. She can emerge of it all, untouched by Obama and the Democrats failures.


And if all fail, she will have upgraded her pay grade.  Bingo the highly paid appearances all around the world, the seats on influential International boards and conferences.


And the cherry on the cake is that she would have trumped Kerry and Richardson out of their promised golden ring. Sweet!!!


Obama! Who’s your Mommy now?






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