Will Scott Brown help America get rid of Obama ?

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Senator-elect Scott Brown, R-Massachusetts, speaks to people ...

Senator-elect Scott Brown, R-Massachusetts, speaks to people gathered around him at a restaurant in Chicopee, Mass. Friday, Jan. 29, 2010 as he kicks off a three-day 'thank-you' tour across Massachusetts.(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Some very bad news for Mister O., but good news for us :

A Newsmax/Zogby poll shows the Massachusetts Republican within striking range of Obama in a hypothetical presidential matchup.

The poll shows the pair statistically deadlocked if the presidential election were held today.

The online news site, newsmax.com, reported that Obama leads Brown by 46.5 percent to 44.6 percent among the 4,163 respondents in a poll with a plus or minus 1.5 percent margin of error. Independent voters, who helped propel Obama into office in 2008, favor Brown 48.6 percent to 36 percent.

Former Bush strategist Mark McKinnon told Newsmax, “The real problem for Obama is that he has lost the middle, and losing the middle means losing independents . . . if you lose independents, you’re going to lose the presidency.”


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