Too cool and detached ? No, he is simply heartless and callous !

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Today, the British daily paper Daily Telegraph criticizes Barack Obama's coolness and indifference, even in tragic moments. The article explains that the president's constant detachment has started to shock a lot of American people, especially yesterday, when he reacted to the Fort Hood tragedy...

In fact, some Internet sites have described Obama's absence of reaction as his "pet goat moment" , referring to how Bush had reacted in a Sarratoga school on 9/11, continuing to read "My Pet Goat" in front of the children, although he had been informed of the terrorist attacks.

I let you watch Obama yesterday. You will realize that he speaks for two minutes before - at last- mentioning the tragedy, as if it were a minor incident :

When I watch this video, I've got the feeling that in reality, Mister O. does not give a damn.
When he refers to the tragedy, we've got the impression that he recites a lesson. No emotion at all... either in his voice or in his eyes, nothing on his face...

That is the same when he makes all his speeches, reading his teleprompter...He doesn't even seem to understand what he is saying, what he is speaking about.

So, I would not say, like the Daily Telegraph today, that this man is "bloodless, too cool, and detached". For me, he is callous, heartless, indifferent to human suffering. He is only interested in one thing...

And this thing is... HIMSELF !

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