The great divider

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Do you remember Obama's promise during the campaign ?

He said he was fed up with living in a divided country, and one of his priorities, if elected, would be to GATHER Americans.

Has he succeeded ?

I let you judge :

The Gallup Poll people delivered
an interesting report today: President Obama was the most polarizing first-year president in history.

The average difference in Obama's approval ratings between Democrats and Republicans turned out to be 65 percent -- the highest first-year gap of any president so measured.

Of course, it takes two to tango, and, as Gallup's Jeffrey Jones put it, "the extraordinary level of polarization in Obama's first year in office is a combination of declining support from Republicans coupled with high and sustained approval from Democrats."

Obama's 88 % approval rating from Demcrats is the second highest level of party support for a first-year president, trailing only the 92 % Republican support for George W. Bush in 2001.

On the other hand, Obama's 23 % rating among Republicans is tied for lowest party rating of a rookie president, matching GOP "backing" of Bill Clinton back in 1993.

There's also the question of whether Obama is a polarizing president -- or is only the latest president in a polarized era.

"Prior to Ronald Reagan, no president averaged more than a 40-point gap in approval ratings by party during his term," said the Gallup report. "Since then, only the elder George Bush has averaged less than a 50-point gap."

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