State of the Dis-Union speech

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As I said in my previous post, there is nothing to expect from Obama's State of the Union speech tonight.

It might rather be called the "State of Disunion" speech, as America has never been so divided, so torn apart.
Mister O. has failed in his mission to reconcile a nation, and he has even increased tensions, resentment, and anger.

He may always appear self-satisfied, the reality is different...

US President Barack Obama, seen here with LA Lakers star Kobe ...

US President Barack Obama, seen here with LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant, will seek to rekindle the spirit of possibility and change that swept him to power in his first State of the Union speech of a presidency sagging under economic gloom.(AFP/File/Jim Watson)

Polls show a majority of Americans now do not believe in his capacity to "change" things as he had promised in his campaign slogan :

Tonight we will probably see him swallow his teleprompter once again, uttering lofty words which do not mean anything.
The best thing Americans could do is to boycott the broadcasting of his speech on TV, something French people have not been able to do when Sarko spoke on TF1 on Monday.

These two men are the shame of the planet.

It's high time for the citizens of both countries to react and organize resistance...

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