Sarko, not Obama, should have had Nobel prize !

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As you can see, cartoonists continue to have a lot of inspiration after the shocking news that still stuns the world.

Here in France, for the first time, I've heard Obama fans express their doubts about their idol's achievements, and ask themselves if he really deserves such a recognition.

France is less Obamaniac these days, and some members of the UMP (Party of the French president), like Dominique Paillé (one of the party's spokesmen) have even declared that Nicolas Sarkozy deserved the prize much more than Obama, in particular for what he did in Georgia, or because of his efforts to regulate the world financial markets.

I am no admirer of Sarkozy, but I think I agree with them : at least, Sarko has tried to do something, and he is not an empty suit like Mister O.

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