Obamaniacs at a loss

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For all those Obamaniacs in France who keep saying the Massachusetts election is only an incident, and is not revealing of the mood of American people, let me remind them of a few facts :

- the new polls published today all confirm that Obama is plunging : The friendly Gallup polling firm has Obama at 47% today, and Rasmussen at 45% !

President Barack Obama wears safety glasses as he visits EMC ...

President Barack Obama wears safety glasses as he visits EMC Precision Machining, a manufacturer of metal components, as part of his 'White House to Main Street Tour' in Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio, where he will discuss the economy, Friday, Jan. 22, 2010.(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

- people had already lost confidence in COngress before Obama's election. Now it is becoming worse.

- in the economic field Obama is a disaster, and on the international stage he has quickly lost all credibility. Foreign leaders are actually wondering how they are going to deal with such a mess !

- Health care reform is dead, and will never be adopted by Congress.

- When Obama pretends to have become tough on banks, everybody has a good laugh !

Don't expect much from next week State of the Union speech, for Obama has nothing new to say...

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