Obama gets angry, but who's to blame ?

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An unprecedented wave of criticism is currently sweeping down on Obama, and in France, the media does not say a word about it, as if it were afraid of tarnishing the aura of "the Saviour of the world".

Yet, the French have the right to be informed of the reality of the situation.
French people have the right to know how Obama's attitude has been careless, selfish, not to say disgusting these days, while his fellow-Americans are seriously fearing new terrorist attacks and wondering what their government is doing to prevent such threats...

It took Obama three days to react officially, as he was too busy having fun in a paradise island, but once again, he had better shut up, for he ridiculed himself even more, speaking from his Hawaiian beaches or golf courses, casually dressed (you can see here in these photos that he was wearing no tie).

VIDEO:Obama: 'We will not rest' until air terror plotters ...

Last night, he even pretended to get angry, but he was far from being convincing...
 He did not look as a leader, and now, he has lost all credibility : it is extremely clear that he does not care about terrrorists, he does not care about the failure of the TSA screeners or agents, and by the way, what does he care about, for what does he spend his time doing, except enjoying himself in luxurious places ?

US President Barack Obama makes a statement at the Marine Base ...

US President Barack Obama makes a statement at the Marine Base in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Obama bluntly said Tuesday the thwarted Christmas Day airliner attack exploited a potentially "catastrophic" systemic failure in the US intelligence community.(AFP/Jewel Samad)

I've known from the start that Obama would fail to fulfil his role of Commander-in-Chief in crucial moments, when his country is in danger, and of course, current events show I was right.

The only thing I had not imagined was that it would take such a short time for Mister O. to reveal to the world what sort of clown he is.

It is very easy for Obama to decline all personal responsibility, and to put the blame on his administration or on the security agencies (and the interior minister, Janet Napolitano, is of course, the perfect scapegoat, as she is a woman, so as everybody knows, she is totally incompetent)..

In this photo courtesy of 'Meet the Press,' Homeland Security ...

In this photo courtesy of 'Meet the Press,' Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appears on 'Meet the Press'' Sunday, Dec. 27, 2009, at the NBC studios in Washington.

I just want to remind you that in the USA, there is no Prime Minister like in France, so it means the American president is not only the head of state, he is also head of government.
It means he should be held accountable for all the mistakes committed by his own administration...

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