Nobel Peace Prize bombs... the Moon !

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Obama has celebrated his Nobel Peace Prize as he was supposed to do, by dropping bombs on...

................. the Moon !

Meanwhile, the Scandinavian press keeps protesting against the decision of the Nobel Committee, claiming aloud the lack of accomplishments of the American president, calling it a scandalous decision, and asking for the resignation of the president of the Nobel committee.

There are a lot of skeptics in Scandinavia today. What people do not accept is to see the prize being awarded to the leader of the first world superpower, the Commander-in-Chief of an Army currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
 The Scandinavian press explains that the prize should have been given to a man or a woman persecuted in his / her country of origin, a courageous dissident for example.

Even political leaders express their doubts :
Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called the decision "a visionary and surprising choice", and Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has described the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama as an ’unusual choice’.

Norway's most famous quality paper,  Aftenposten, protests in its Saturday's editorial : "Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize without doing anything to deserve it".

In Sweden, where Alfred Nobel was born, reactions are mixed too.
"It's too early" according to the main Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter's editorial.

"It is neither a good decision for Obama nor for the Nobel Prize itself". The daily paper adds that it is going to be a burden difficult to bear for the president, as people will expect even more from him, things he will never be able to achieve.

Finally, one of the most striking headline is to be found in the Swedish tabloid. It says :
"What a shame !".
According to the newspaper, the entire world must now be laughing at the Nobel Committe, which totally ridiculed itself yesterday !


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