Is Barack sick ?

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On Sunday, when I saw these horrible photos of Barack Obama on the Internet :

Has President Barack Obama lost weight?

 ... my first reaction was :

"Oh my God! There's something wrong with this man. He does not look healthy."

So I am not surprised today to find such articles in the British press :

And, I advise you to have a close look :

He is really skinny. He has lost a lot of weight recently.

His lips are grey... He has got dark shadows around the eyes. His face is pale and grey.
He probably smokes too much but he has always smoked, so why this sudden alteration in his looks ?

So the question is : what does he smoke, exactly ? Think about it !
Maybe cocaine would destroy a man like that... Have a look at our French president, Sarko... a lot of people suspect him of being addicted to cocaine too... And he also looks bad :

Sarko has lost a lot of weight recently... Some say that because of Carla's diet... Others blame stress, and ... cocaine ! I wonder if Obama is not suffering from the same "disease"...

Obama is a young man, who used to look like an athlet.

And now, one year after his election, he seems to be seriously sick.

What is happening to him ?

Believe me, I am extremely worried for the Saviour of the world...

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