"I had a dream"

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Honoring Dr. King

The third Monday of January is a federal holiday in the USA... this is the day to commemorate Martin Luther King's birth, to pay a tribute to the great man : Martin Luther King's Day.

But please, Don't believe the polls you will read or hear about today...

They will tell you a majority of African Americans are satisfied with Obama, and he has changed their vision of their country, bringing a new hope...

Now, this is what the American media (MSM) have decided to make you believe.
The reality is totally different.

I've seen several reports on French television recently, proving the contrary.
 French reporters have interviewed a lot of Blacks, who had of course all voted for Mister O., some of whom even went to Washington last year to attend what they viewed as a historical moment : his inauguration.

Today, exactly one year after, they all say the same thing, when French journalists interview them :
the hope has faded, the dream, Martin Luther King's dream, has disappeared.

Their situation has become worse. And all of them agree on one fact : Obama has done nothing for them, nothing at all.

If you read this, you will realize this is true :


On this particular day, Martin Luther King must really feel sad, disappointed, disheartened...

So, really,today, on Martin Luther King's day, for African Americans, there is nothing to celebrate !

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