For Mister O., the environment is no serious matter

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Mister O. has just expressed his solidarity and concern with the victims of the terrible tsunami and earthquakes that hit the Samoan Islands and Indonesia yesterday.

satellite photo of a village in the Samoan Islands hours after the tsunami

"My deepest sympathies are with the families who lost loved ones and many people who have been affected by the earthquake and the tsunami," Obama said, focusing especially on the US Pacific island territory of American Samoa.

Let me tell you it is one thing to express one's compassion.

But when you are the leader of the world, and of the first superpower, deeds, not words, are expected.

Nobody will deny that this repetition of natural disasters is due to climate change.

Earthquake in Indonesia : collapse of a university building

Trying to preserve our environment is something we daily do, but it seems that our powerful politicians are too afraid of industrial lobbies to take concrete measures.

In France, our dear president recently agreed to the Green Party's proposition of a carbon tax, although it may appear unfair to a lot of people. According to me, this is not a good measure, but at least, Sarkozy tried to do something concrete.

As far as Obama is concerned, he may have declared recently that he had done more to combat climate change in the last eight months than had been done in US history, I really don't see what he was speaking about.

This assertion must have surprised environmentalist groups too, which immediately issued a protest statement to point to the lack of detailed commitments from Barack Obama.

It is really difficult to guess what he was referring to in this sentence, for I have found no trace of a real environmental policy since he was elected.

Everybody knows George Bush was not much interested in ecological problems, as he was rather a friend of oil industries, but, for the moment, with Obama as president, I'm sorry to say that I don't see the change...

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