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What is the country in which a president decides to intervene in every school, for fifteen minutes, on the same day, at the same time, thanks to a televised message addressed to every little kid ?

North Korea ?

France under the Vichy government of Maréchal (Marshal) Pétain ?
You remember, don't you ?

At a very young age, French schoolchildren were indoctrinated with the values of the "Révolution Nationale" (National Revolution), they were taught to admire Maréchal Pétain, who presented himself as the father and grandfather of the nation.
The Vichy propaganda consisted in very precise rites at school : children had to swear allegiance to the Marshal ; they had to sing the famous anthem "Maréchal, nous voilà..." (Maréchal, here we are...) ; they wrote letters to him to express their admiration and their gratitude for his sacrifice ; they surrounded him when he visited their town ; etc...
And, regularly, in their classrooms, they were asked to stop all other activities in order to listen in silence to Maréchal Pétain's speeches on the radio, looking at his portrait, and venerating him...

Second World War : schoolchildren listening to Maréchal Pétain's speech on the radio : Paris, October 1941. 

But, you're wrong !

What I am thinking of currently, is not North Korea, nor France under Pétain...

This is simply Obama's America !

In a previous article, we had told you that Obama intended to go back to school with American kids next week, thanks to a televised program to be broadcast in all the country's classrooms :

Except that...

This raises a lot of problems.

A lot of schools have decided not to broadcast the president's speech, after angry parents complained, and accused Obama of trying to indoctrinate their children with socialist propaganda.


According to me, parents are right to worry, and I don't believe the MSM, when it asserts that those angry parents are members of the Republican party.
I think they are neither Republican nor Democrats ; they are simply parents who are surprised, and worried...

They worry for their children. They don't understand how a place where children are supposed to be in security, a place which should be preserved and protected like a sanctuary, can become an instrument of political propagnda.

Has school ever been supposed to spread a president's political ideas ?

And how can American school-teachers accept such an initiative ?
If the same had happened in France, if Sarkozy had decided to "go back to school" with French kids, all French teachers would have protested and immediately gone on a general strike !

What is sure, anyway, is that Obama really has "the audacity of hope"...
After enlisting American students, now he tries to indoctrinate small kids !

But what is this all about, exactly ?

Shall we call this cult of personality ? enlisting ? indoctrination ?

To conclude, let me give Mister O. a good piece of advice : he should inspire himself from our dear Maréchal :
when he speaks on television in American schools next week, he should ask all children to stand up as soon as he appears on the screen, and to keep standing as long as he speaks, until the end of his televised speech...

Like this :

Second World War : schoolchildren listening to Maréchal Pétain's speech on the radio : Paris, October 1941. 

This has a certain style, doesn't it ?

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