How Obama "buys" American universities and students

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"Become an intern for OFA, and we'll give you your university degree"...

A few days ago, the site World Net Daily published a piece of news which totally stunned me, and I really wonder why this is not a topic which makes the headline...

Obama is currently trying to recruit American young people, and to convince them to knock on doors to garner support for his health care initiative, working for his grassroots organization, Organizing for America in charge of his propaganda.

So the president asks American students to go "block by block and door by door" and tells them :

"From September to December, if you accept to work for me, the Big Boss, twelve hours a week, going to people's homes and explaining them how my health care reform is good for the country, you will be rewarded in return.
We will provide credits toward degree plans in exchange..."

Have you ever heard of such a thing ? Is there any country in the world where such thing exists ?

Does Obama have the right to mingle university studies and political propaganda ?

Why should a student who accepts to work for his organization be more qualified to get his diploma than another one, who has refused to spread Obama's words in American families' homes  ?

So, Obama is now buying American students, isn't he ?

But how is that possible ?

How did he manage to convince American universities to accept such a deal ? What has he promised them in exchange ?

This is really incredible ! And terribly worrying, isn't it ?

A Big Boss who is venerated, who is regarded with reverence by his people, and who recruits the youth...
haven't you heard of this before ?




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