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You may have wondered why President Barack Obama seemed in such a hurry to pass his health care bill.

Well, don’t ask yourselves anymore : I’ve got the answer.


And once again, it is to be found in the deepest, darkest secrets of Team Obama, characterized by lies and corruption since the beginning.

You may read this just published by the Associated Press :

Obama's push for a national health care overhaul is providing a financial windfall in the election offseason to Democratic consulting firms that are closely connected to the president and two top advisers. Read the rest of the story here :

So it seems that Axelrod, his son, Ploufe, and others who helped Obama get elected will finally profit largely from the health care reform ?

The financial retribution for their firms is quite important, isn't it ?

That is probably how Obama has chosen to thank them for all the good work they did - and still do- for him !

Brave new world, isn't it ?

Quite disgusting, in reality...

For it really looks like a deal... Big pharma groups accept to support a reform plan which will largely be favourable to them... Obama has their support... And his friends can also benefit financially from the transaction...

They are all winners, aren't they ?


Who is the loser, here ?

Isn't that the American citizen ?

Now, isn't he beginning to understand that this reform aimed at bringing political gains to Obama and money to his corrupted team, and nothing else ?

Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

Have you been naive enough to believe that Mister O. was in fact trying to help those poor 46 million Americans who have got no health insurance ?

Have you been gullible enough to believe that he was motivated only by social justice and protection of the most fragile part of the population ?

The truth is another story, isn’t it ?

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