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Everybody thinks Mister O. is still working at the White House as a very hardworking president who does not have the time to go on vacation, even during the summer...

Well, you have to know the reality is quite different...

In fact, even if Obama pretends he will only leave for a holiday to Martha Vineyard at the end of August, his vacation has already started for a long time.
Since the beginning of July, every friday, he leaves the White House for a rest which lasts a couple of days, either to go to Camp David, or elsewhere, as he will do next week-end :

Obama taking family to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon

USA-OBAMA/So here we are in August, time for a little summer vacation. President Barack Obama is taking Michelle and the kids out on a Western swing to see some of America’s most famous national parks.

Next Friday, August 14, they will fly out to Bozeman, Montana and the next day will visit Yellowstone National Park, home of the Old Faithful geyser, in nearby Wyoming. Later that day they head to Grand Junction, Colorado.

On August 16, it’s on to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. They end up in Phoenix for the president to address the convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars. Weather prediction: It’ll be hot in Phoenix. They’re back in Washington on August 17. ENVIRONMENT GRIZZLIES

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs imparted all this information at Friday’s briefing, and he said the visit was taking place during a “fee-free” weekend at national parks and that Obama hopes to inspire people to go visit the parks.

The Obamas’ real vacation is later in August, when they spend a week on the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard.

 (source : reuters blog) 

Another vacation?

So far he has spent more time vacationing with his family than Bush did in his first 6 months in office...

Every month there is a vacation or a mini vacation for him and his wife and  kids! This is all a party for him, so it seems.

Apparently, the crisis has spared the president and his family... it is hitting hard all American citizens, but not the happy Obamas...

They are the lucky ones...

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