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Last Tuesday, which was Obama’ s 48th birthday, we told you about the controversy over the president’s birth certificate, and thus supposed ineligibility, which is not fading at all in the USA.


This morning, I would like to express my anger aloud…

I am really fed up and disgusted by the way the MSM treat those who are called « birthers », that is to say those who question Obama’s official version about his birth.

They are currently caricatured and laughed at by cartoonists or journalists, who call them, at best, « nuts », or worse, « hateful racists ».

Here are some examples of the cartoons you can see at the moment on the Internet or in newspapers :



Lou Dobbs, a journalist who works for CNN, has been criticized and mocked, because he is the only one who dared speak about the issue. And now, all his colleagues treat him like a pariah, simply because he was courageous enough to ask an embarrassing question about the Saviour ‘s place of birth  :

Tell me why.. why are they ridiculed like that ?

Why are their arguments brushed aside, whereas some of them seem particularly convincing and justified, as we often explained on this blog.


For let me remind you, that so far, one question remains unanswered :

Why has Obama refused to release his original birth certificate, if, as he says, there is nothing strange about his place of birth ?


It is quite silly and simplistic to call people « racists », just because they question the president’s eligibility.

These « birthers » only want to know if the American Constitution has been respected. Their point of view is a legal one .

So why are they despised like this whereas they only want to know the truth, nothing but the truth ?

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