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August 4th, 2004: Barack Obama blows out candles at a 43rd birthday celebration during a U.S. Senate fundraiser in Illinois.

Today is Barack Obama's birthday...

People gather in front of the World's Largest Beaded Photo Mosaic of U.S. President Barack Obama on display in front of the White House in Washington, August 3, 2009. The project, created with over 372,600 beads by 1000 fourth grade students from across the U.S., was made in honor of Obama's 48th birthday which will be celebrated tomorrow.


At least, in theory ! Although he has always claimed he was born on the fourth of August 1961 in Hawaii, he has not released any official document proving he is a natural born citizen.

In the USA, the controversy is far from over...

And although the French press keeps silent about it, this is an issue which has been much discussed over the last few weeks, first on the Internet, but also in the media (even CNN mentioned it a few days ago !). Now the people who question Obama's birth in the USA are called "birthers". They do not believe the official version given by Obama and think that, in reality, he was born in Kenya

Over the last few days, an official Kenyan document proving that Obama was born there, is said to have been found...


We will follow the news all day, and we will publish a more detailed article about all this a little later.

One more thing : it has to be noticed that the issue was discussed in the Senate yesterday : the leader of the Democratic majority, Harry Reid, found it necessary to deny all these rumors, and called this controversy "absurd". This  shows that Democrats are starting to panic, and it is easy to understand why...
Let's suppose this Kenyan birth certificate is authentic : it means Obama's election is illegal !

We may imagine what the consequences will be, not only for the USA, but for the whole world...

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Anders 13/08/2009 14:04


More than a thousand fourth grade students have created the world's largest bead picture of U.S. President Barack Obama!


You can find more information about the project at: