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President Barack Obama arrives on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Sunday, Aug. 2, 2009.

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

After his week-end, he doesn't look better, does he ?

The tone has suddenly changed in the French press.

Strangely, in the torpor of this summer, journalists seem to rouse themselves...

What shows it : some unexpected headlines have appeared over the last few days, and this very morning :

Barack Obama finds it difficult to reform the country” (Le Monde)

“Obama : Coming back to earth

Gravity” (Libé)

Why Obama is at a standstill” (Ouest France)

Obama : his holidays are controversial” (Gala)

And even... Hold on tight! :

When Obama must prove he is really American” (L’Express)

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 President Barack Obama arrives via Marine One helicopter after a weekend visit to Camp David with his family, at the White House in Washington, August 2, 2009.


We must acknowledge we are pleased to see that the French media is eventually agreeing with us.

After all the insults which were addressed to us, calling us racists because we dared criticize the idol (let's remind you that we have been denouncing the problem of Obama's ineligibility here for more than one year !)...
We were not considered seriously... but now, everything has changed !

Yet, our "victory" is bitter... Because now, it is too late !
If we had been listened to a little earlier, all this would not have happened...

And America would not be governed by an impostor, a fraud !

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