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According to me, all the hype surrounding the possibility of a swine flu  pandemic is quite stupid.

The MSM tends to forget that the real danger that America (and the world) is facing is not so much a contamination of millions of people by a virus which is apparently not so deadly (according to the latest news, this flu finally seems to look like other flus which affect millions of people every year), but rather a "social flu".

What I call a "social flu" is a far more terrible disease.

And it has already affected millions of Americans and millions of people all over the world ...

This disease is, of course, the loss of jobs.

Today is the first of May, and we are supposed to celebrate workers and labour, but the problem is that, in today"s world, there is nothing to rejoice about as far as the job market is concerned.

And I think that the Obama's administration, like the French government of Nicolas Sarkozy, is using the swine flu threat as a means to divert people's attention.
As long as people are worried about their health, and spend their time wondering if they (or their family) are going to be affected by the epidemic, they do not think about the economic situation of their country.

And they do not have the time to look closely at the policies adopted by their government to face the crisis, and therefore not the time to realize that their leaders are totally inefficient, and do not take the right measures.

So as long as the swine flu is on people's minds, the Obama administration does not need to panic : there will be no social revolt. And it is the same for the Sarkozy government.

I interpret Joe Biden's so called gaffe as a part of this cynical strategy : when the vice president warned yesterday against the use of planes and subways, (he said that he would urge his family to stay out of confined places like airplanes and subways) he perfectly knew what he was saying.

In reality, he was committing no gaffe.

He was only trying to scare people.

And now the White House has just apologised, and pretends it was a blunder, which I personally don't believe.

And I even guess that Obama, Biden, and all the other incompetent people who work with them (Hillary excepted, of course) are quite relieved to see that now the media is going to concentrate on the swine flu issue, instead of commenting the very bad economic indicators which are released every week.

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