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Phew !
We feel reassured, don't we ?
Not so sure !

A little more than one week after his trip to Mexico, Obama is fine.
He does not suffer from swine flu !


Yet, we're still trembling.
Indeed, Mister O. may have been in contact with the deadly virus :

A Mexican newspaper, Reforma newspaper, reported that the president was received at the anthropology museum in Mexico City by the unfortunate Felipe Solis, a distinguished archaeologist who died a week later from symptoms similar to flu, . The newspaper didn’t say if Solis had swine flu or not.

The White House spokesman has found it necessary to reassure the American population : Robert Gibbs has said that Barack Obama is in good health and not affected by the swine flu which has already killed many people in Mexico.

In spite of this reassuring piece of news, the world is scared...

Because the first symptoms have already started to appear...


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marie 28/04/2009 20:30

Oui ça lui va bien !
quant aux médias, de plus en plus pathétiques.

kate 28/04/2009 14:28

très drole cette photo , mais elle ne lui plairait pas ! je viens d'entendre ce matin , qu'Obama était " au zénit de sa popularité !!! quand on pense aux sondages truqués , comme c'est le cas et que ces merdias comme certains les appellent , se gaussent de ces mensonges, quels imbéciles ....