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When you put the blame on someone, you must be irreproachable yourself.

Otherwise, your adversary may retaliate...

This is really what could now happen to Obama if he goes on playing this dangerous game on the Bush-era interrogation policies and tortures.

And if he goes ahead, the backlash might be violent, like a slap in his face, a boomerang.

Our dear Mister O. seems to have forgotten an essential thing :
Congress has always supported Bush in his fight against terrorism.
No Congressman has ever tried to know exactly what was taking place behind closed doors, even after 2006, when Democrats had the majority after the mid-term congressional elections, and the Republicans' defeat.

This clearly means that Democrats have been the ACCOMPLICES of the methods used by Mrs. Rice and Mr. Cheney.

So now, pretending to protest against them is totally hypocritical.

Mister O. himself was a United States Senator, wasn't he ?

I'm still waiting for him to tell us on what occasion he expressed criticisms against the methods of the Republican administration.

I don't remember hearing him protest at that time.
I don't remember hearing him criticize President Bush or his cabinet members.

That was part of the political consensus which prevailed after the September 11 attacks : Democrats thought they had no right to criticize the government in its fight against terrorism, and in its attempt to protect the American territory, for fear they might be accused of lacking patriotism.
Remember one important thing : Obama voted in favour of the reauthorization of the Patriot Act (July 2005), which was one of the measures adopted by the Bush administration to tighten security, but which was in fact a restriction of individual liberties. All Congressmen perfectly knew that was an abuse of power of the executive branch, but they DID NOT PROTEST, so they are equally to blame.

So, now, when I hear Mister O. tell us what is appropriate or not, and deliver lectures on good conduct, morality and ethics, that makes me laugh...

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