Obama and the "Coué Method"

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At first, some thought it was a joke, a sort of new April's Fool Day, twenty days after...

But, quickly, this turned out to be the truth, the reality...

Barack Obama was NOT joking yesterday when he announced that he had  called for 100 million dollars in spending cuts at his first official cabinet meeting.

The president said the federal budget cuts should be found within the next 90 days.

Well, I know most of you are not all experts in mathematics, but believe me, the calculations are easy to make :
The nation’s budget is $3.5 trillion... So if you put the figure in perspective you realize : “One hundred million dollars represents .003 percent of $3.5 trillion.

0.003 % ? ? ?

Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

I've read on different sites today that the reaction of reporters at the White House, when the announcement was made yesterday was quite "perplexed". Journalists did not seem to really understand what that all meant. They seemed to be embarrassed, probably not daring making fun of their Messiah.

Yet, a little later, they started to express their thoughts, realizing that this time, they had no choice : they HAD to criticize their idol because if they did not, nobody would ever consider them seriously again.
It must have been terrible for them, but they finally dared.
They tried (a little) to do their job.
 Even those who had been Obama fans from the start, like the New York Times !

extracts from a press review published by US News and World Report :

New York Times says "budget analysts promptly burst out laughing.
David Brooks, in his
New York Times column, says that "Obama imposes hard choices on others, but has postponed his own

CBS Evening News reported that "critics say the amounts are so small," that "it's nothing more than a publicity stunt." CBS added that the President "admitted $100 million is a drop in the budget bucket, but insisted there's a lot more cutting to comeA reporter declared at the White House briefing that the initiative would become fodder for late-night talk show hosts,"  The Cato Institute's Dan Mitchell, appearing on CNBC's The Kudlow Report, said, "I almost thought it was April Fool's Day. Talk about a kick in the teeth for taxpayers.

I suppose you are now worrying about Obama's mental health, aren't you ?

Don't panic !

He is aware his cuts are only a "drop in the bucket" !

Asked if the proposed savings were merely "a drop in the ocean", (How cheeky !)Mister O. responded: "It is, and that is what I have just said."

He added: "None of these things alone are going to make a difference. But cumulatively that makes an extraordinary difference because they start to set a new tone.

"And so what we are going to do, line by line and page by page, 100 million dollars here, 100 million dollars there, pretty soon even in Washington, it adds up to real money."

"pretty soon it adds up to real money" ?

Right !

Let's be optimistic !

Obama is right, he simply forgets that he keeps increasing the deficit everyday thanks to his totally irresponsible stimulus plan and his odious wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Obama is right, just like he was right when he said that he could see glimmers of hope in the economy, a few days ago.

In France, we call this the "Coué method" !

But I'm not sure it really corresponds to what we expect from an American president !

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