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Change you have been looking for ?

Nothing has changed...

Earlier today, we may have had the impression that there has never been an election in the USA, and that the president is still called George Bush.

Al-Qaeda showed it has not been impressed by Mister O. so far, and sees no change in the US foreign policy. 

Ayman al-Zawahiri the terror network's second-in-command sent Obama a message telling him his election has failed to lift America's status in the Muslim and Arab world, and is a victory for Al-Qaeda...

The video was posted on key jihadist websites on Monday.

The authenticity of the tape is yet to be verified. The purported message is in Arabic and, unlike previous ones, contains no English subtitles. The message is edited with extracts from recent Arabic TV interviews with Arab political analysts.

"In our view, America is still the country that kills Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. It is the country that steals our assets and occupies our lands, and which props up thieving and corrupt Arab regimes.

"The Islamic nation has opted to revive Islam and refuses to give in to oppression. Killing or capturing people casts the US in an even worse light. The US airstrikes in Pakistan pour oil on the flames and will lead to further defeats for that country," al-Zawahiri says.

Obama's election was actually a political triumph for Al-Qaeda and the result of US defeat in Iraq, the message says.

"Obama's victory is nothing more than the recognition by the American people that (former president George W.) Bush's policies had failed, and that the administration was lying when it claimed to have defeated the mujadeen (holy warriors)," al-Zawahiri says.

He likens Obama's decision to withdraw US combat troops from Iraq by August 2010 to Washington's withdrawal from the Vietnam war in the early 1970s.

Of course, this message is terrible because it comes from dangerous terrorists.

But is it so false ?

Which positive messages has Obama sent to the Muslim and Arab world so far ?

The only  decision which might have been seen as a progress was the supposed closure of Guantanamo.

But... Is Guantanamo closed today, nearly 100 days after Obama's election ?

Not only is it not closed, but it now seems confirmed that abuse continues there, in spite of Obama"s promises :

A prisoner at Guantanamo Bay claims Barack Obama's promises to end the abuse of inmates have not been followed through at the notorious United States detention centre.

Mohammad al-Qurani, from Chad, telephoned al-Jazeera from inside the camp to say he had been subjected to almost daily beatings from the guards, who used tear gas when he refused to leave his cell.

Just days after his inauguration President Obama ordered the closure of the prison and signed orders meant to ensure inmates were treated humanely.

But Mr al-Qurani said: "Since Obama took charge he has not shown us that anything will change.

"The people managing the detainees there haven't changed yet. These are the same people who were there during the Bush years and so they use the same method
s," he added.

On one occasion, Mr al-Qurani claims he was attacked with tear gas after refusing to leave his cell as a protest against the way prisoners were treated.

He said: "They had a thick rubber or plastic baton they beat me with. They emptied out about two canisters of tear gas on me.

"After I stopped talking, and tears were flowing from my eyes, I could hardly see or breathe.

"They then beat me again to the ground, one of them held my head and beat it against the ground. I started screaming to his senior 'see what he's doing, see what he's doing' [but] his senior started laughing and said 'he's doing his job'."

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To conclude, even if (of course !) we do not approve of terrorists' message, I understand the frustration and disappointment in the Muslim and Arab world today...

And, unfortunately, the consequences might prove to be worse than under George Bush, because as Sarkozy has just said, Obama is a "weak" leader, and also because now these people really feel hopeless : they have been betrayed by someone who incarnated the "change they could believe in"... 

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