I am going to a Tea Party… and it ain’t with the Queen!

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If you only get your news from the MSM, you wouldn’t know that tomorrow on Tax Day, more than 2,000 cities all across the States, small big and in between, will have Tea Parties.

A view of the front page of Taxdayteaparty.com


Less than 80 days after the inauguration, a true grass root movement of discontent is sweeping the nation. Organized locally by every day citizens, stay-at-home moms or blue-collar workers ala Joe the Plumber, those protest rallies have sprung out, more and more populated as the weeks pass, over the past two months since the Spending Stimulus Bill was voted without even being read by the thugs occupying Congress.


Out of the successes in Orlando, Minneapolis and elsewhere where 4,000 to 5,000 people spontaneously gathered in March, a massive series of Tea Parties are scheduled for April 15, 2009.

Orlando tea party in March


Contrary to chosen line of propaganda spewed by the MSM (FoxNews excepted) when confronted by what will be tomorrow the biggest story of the day, this movement is not a Republican Astroturf hissy fit against Obama expected to gather crazy right-wingers willing to do anything to resist CHANGE.


Orlando tea party in March

It is a spontaneous response of disgust to the way our federal government at large is ignoring the voice of the people.


We the People demand to be heard:  We want fiscal responsibility. We want reason and moderation in the government spending. We want the looting of our future and children’s future to stop. We want the Federal government to stop attacking capitalism. We want the respect of states rights.


We want the Obama administration, the Congress and the Federal government to respect our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

a tea party in March


And make no mistake, this wind of discontent is blowing over Republican and Democrat heads.  Both parties are responsible for the excesses of the past and the continuing wondering away from our Founding Fathers principles.


Tomorrow I will join other American citizens in making these demands heard. I will attend my local Tea Party. This will be the very first time I will take to the streets in America.


To be followed….



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