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This time, he really can't stand him anymore !

There had already been the letter to Jacques Chirac :

There had already been this unbearable Obamania...
According to the satirical newspaper, Le Canard Enchaîné dated from yesterday, Sarkozy was quite irritated by the Obamania which spread all over Europe. Flying back from London to Paris after the G20 Summit, Sarkozy declared perfidiously :
"Obama has been president for three months. Let's wait and see if he is still so popular in two years."

But today, things are getting worse :  on its Internet site, the French newspaper Le Figaro reveals that "The Elysée Palace is more and more irritated by Obama's lessons".

The reason for the quarrel now is the speech pronounced by Obama in Prague : according to the Elysée Palace, Obama promised a lot of things, but he was more communicating than truly expressing his real intentions.

Those were promises, only promises : what proves it is that everything he said in Prague totally contradicts the disarmament policy currently led by the USA.

The contradiction is so obvious that I even wonder whether someone happens to inform Obama sometimes. Is he really aware of what his own country is doing, as far as arms reduction is concerned ? I have the impression that, although he is president, he does not know much on the subject !

The diplomatic experts who advise Sarkozy at the Elysée Palace quote several examples of the measures that the USA has failed to adopt as far as disarmament is concerned.
In reality, the USA does not do much to fight against arms proliferation, even if Obama says the contrary and gives lessons to the world. You can read the article in Le Figaro (in French, translation available soon) :


The behaviour of the USA contradicts the words of the Messiah, and irritates the French diplomatic experts. They have written a  note to Sarkozy to emphasize Obama's contradictions, and they tell Sarko that Obama is first and foremost trying to convey a good image of himself. What he wants to do is introduce himself to the world as a pacifist leader, while accusing the other countries (like France) of not doing enough in the field of arms reduction. The irony is that France has committed itself in the disarmament process for years, and has taken more concrete measures than the USA...

So really, Mister O. has no right to lecture the world. What he said in his Prague speech about " a world without nuclear arms" was seen as an attack against countries like France. And according to the Elysée palace, that was part of a strategy to hide the fact that Washington is not eager to take measures which will cost a lot of money. Last but not least, Obama may brag about his will to disarm the world, "what he proposes is in fact a continuation of George Bush's policy".

Change you can believe in ?

The most cruel sentence to be found in the file prepared by the diplomats of the Elysée Palace is when they accuse Obama of being a communicator, and nothing else :

"Let's leave theology alone, and let's seriously start working on disarmament."

Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

"Theology" ?
Well-said ! the word perfectly suits the Messiah !

In other words (perhaps less diplomatic terms), Mister Obama, please, stop making speeches, and put yourself to work ! 


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