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 Obama is not Christian.


Reverend Wright, who was his pastor in Chicago, is an AA who converted to Islam during the sixties, when the Black Power movement encouraged the AA population to go back to its origins by embracing, among other things, Afro hairdos and the religion of their ancestors and brothers.

That gave us Malcolm X and transformed Cassus Clay into Mohamed Ali.


Reverend Wright is now affiliated with and preaching the Black Liberation Theology.  This Theology is not founded on Christian principles. On the contrary, it is derived from the Muslim model of no separation between religious and civil life: Religious dogma dictate commercial, legal and political principles. The Black Liberation Theology is more a political movement than a religion.


Obama was raised in the religious faith up to the age of ten, and upon his return to the States was not taught the principles of the Christian faith, nor did he attend a Christian church, his grand-parents being at best agnostics.


Putting forward an affiliation to Reverend Wright’s church as proof of Obama’s Christianity is ABSURD.


Also, when time came to take the oath of the Presidency for the second time, after he goofed it up the first time, he did it without swearing on the bible as “no bible was available at the time in the White House”. Unbelievable !!!. Obama is the first American President to take the oath without doing it on the bible.


And, even thought it has been 3 months the Obamas are in Washington, they are yet to choose a Church to patronize.  In fact, they are yet to attend any church in Washington privately.


Obama never mentioned having been baptized. His two daughters were baptized, but by Reverend Wright.


Obama may very well not define himself anymore by the Islamic faith of his father (to the contrary see the interview with George Stephanopoulos where is spoke twice of his “Islam faith”, to be thereafter correct by the journalist “You mean your Christian faith?” and the fact that he was able to say the Muslim morning prayer, without accent nor preparation to another American journalist in 2007), but that does not make him a Christian.


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