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Obama In Europe Special coverage

Bernard Kouchner is really cross...

I had hardly seen him so angry, as he was speaking on the French radio RTL this morning...

Now, guess who he was so angry with ?

The Messiah himself !  Barack Obama !

Yes, he was !
The French foreign minister has really not appreciated Mister O.'s desire to intervene in European affairs !

Here are his words :

 "It’s not for the Americans to decide who comes into Europe or not,” he said. “We are in charge in our own house."

I listened to him live. And I can swear this was a sincere anger !

So thank you, Mister De Gaulle / Kouchner. Thank you for this warning to Americans and thanks for telling Obama to mind his business...

No doubt Bernard Kouchner was here speaking on behalf of his boss Sarkozy : he said aloud what Sarko thinks of Obama.

To conclude : the time of reconciliation has gone !  No more kisses and embraces between Carlita, Michelle, Nicolas and Barack !

One thing is certain : Obama's trip to Europe is a real success.
He has managed to provoke the anger of Sarkozy and to disappoint most French people who are opposed to the integration of Turkey in the European Union !

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