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Obama in Europe Special Coverage

The MSM is saying that she wanted to be at home when her two daughters went back to school this morning.

The MSM is saying that she had always planned to fly back to Washington before her husband.

The MSM is saying that she had never intended to go with him to Turkey.

But why ? Why has Michelle suddenly decided to return to America, and to skip the last step of her husband 's European tour ?

According to me, the answer is simple.

And it totally contradicts Obama's words today, when he strongly encouraged European leaders to integrate Turkey in the European Union.

Because it shows that Turkey IS NOT a European country like the others. 

See what I mean ?

What about Turkey's women problems?

What about the furor over head scarves?

OK, Turkey is a modern state that doesn't support the ravages of the Taliban or the horror of al-Qaida.

OK, Turkey is a member of NATO, and it wants to be part of the European Union.

OK, Turkey has the second largest military in NATO and it absolutely can help the United States in Afghanistan.

But...On 28 August, 2007 the Turkish Parliament elected Abdullah Gül as the 11th president of Turkey, who is an Islamic.

His wife wears an Islamic headscarf, as you can see in this photo :

And this provoked months of tense debates on the grounds that it would be seen as a deviation from the secular orders of the republic.

And apparently, some were right to worry, because on 6 February, 2008, the Parliament voted in favor of annulment of the ban imposed on women wearing headscarf to study at the universities.

Remember: the head-scarf controversy was over a long-standing rule against wearing them. So, when the government decided to allow them, the change wasn't repressive.
But it was worrisome to many, because Turkey has been so stridently secular, and the fear was that the country was regressing.

Do you understand now why Michelle, the new European idol, has preferred to go back to the States ?

She must have wondered what she would wear if she met the first lady of Turkey !

No right to wear a sleeveless dress to show her bare arms in Turkey... This is probably why she preferred to return home !

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kate 07/04/2009 10:01

Vous avez raison Frenchpuma , je pense qu'elle est beaucoup plus intelligente que lui et voyant les gaffes qu'il fait ,les bétises qu'il raconte , puis ne voulant pas porter le voile en Turquie , elle a préféré partir !