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Obama in Europe Special coverage

There have been the beautiful pictures, to show a so-called love story between the two couples : the Obamas and the Sarkozys.

Brave New World...

There have been the press articles in the MSM.

There has been the usual Obamania : Obama is a rock star in Europe : thousands of people come to cheer him as soon as he arrives somewhere ; etc... etc...

What a couple !

President Barack Obama, center right, and first lady Michelle Obama, right, greet the crowd at Hradcany square in Prague, Sunday, April 5, 2009. Obama has kicked off the Prague leg of his European tour by meeting with Czech leaders in the capital's picturesque medieval castle.

. President Barack Obama (L) and U.S. first lady Michelle Obama wave to well-wishers at Hradcanske Square in central Prague April 5, 2009. As long as a potential nuclear threat persists from Iran, the United States will continue pushing plans for missile defense, U.S. President Barak Obama said on Sunday.

There have been such exaggerations as : thanks to Obama, all problems have been solved ; NATO starts a new era ; He managed to convince Turkey to accept the Dane at the head of the organization, he has such leadership that everybody listens to him and obeys him ; etc... etc...

But nothing, nothing at all about the flip side of the coin...

Nobody speaks about the teleprompter which follows Obama everywhere, and which proves what a puppet he is, who delivers the speeches somebody else wrote for him. When he has no teleprompter, it is obvious he does not know what to say, he keeps hesitating, "er...", looking for his words, and lacking inspiration.

If you have a close look at these photos, which were taken this morning in Prague, you will have a good laugh ! The teleprompter now occupies more room than Obama himself. This is what attracts attention first !

Grotesque !

Nobody noticed when Obama spoke about Sarkozy in quite nasty and mean terms, during their joint press conference in Strasbourg : "He's courageous on so many fronts it's hard to keep up."
In other words, Obama described Sarko as excited, and not very efficient, which is far from being a compliment !

And, above all, what nobody said, is that in Strasbourg, people suffered from Obama's visit more than they appreciated it.

The people you saw on television were not the city's inhabitants. The people who welcomed Obama on Friday morning in front of the Palais Rohan, or in the afternoon, in the city's sportshall, were militants from the president's party, UMP. They had come from Paris and other cities, for this special occasion ! Their mission was to welcome Obama with enthusiasm, only to please him, to content him.

Meanwhile, Strasbourg's inhabitants did not care, or were furious to see they could not access to the city center.
And this morning, it is even worse. They are getting up with a hangover, following yesterday's violent incidents :

A cloud of tear gas surrounds anti-NATO demonstrators during clashes in Strasbourg April 4, 2009. Clashes between anti-NATO protestors and riot police disrupted the meeting of the 28-nation group hosted jointly by France and Germany. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard (FRANCE VIOLENCE MILITARY POLITICS CONFLICT IMAGE OF THE DAY TOP PICTURE)

Judging from this press article, published in today's edition of Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, the local newspaper, Strasbourg does not say "Thank you" to Obama ! On the contrary, The tone is quite bitter, as you can see :

"This NATO summit where "France is back again in the alliance" (to quote Nicolas Sarkozy) will first and foremost be remembered for the violent clashes and confrontations which plunged some of the city's districts in a state of civil war.
ANd the words "civil war" are not an exaggeration.
And what did President Sarkozy declare ?
He thanked the city's inhabitants for "their wonderful welcome" and for "enduring the disturbances in their daily life brought about by the organization of this summit" !

What a politically correct speech !
Totally irrelevant if you think about the anger and disappointment of the people who live in the Southern districts (about a dozen families had to be evacuated by the Red Cross last night, as they live near the Ibis hotel which was set on fire by violent protesters). The mayor or the city of Strasbourg, Roland Ries, was furious too.

And he wants the thugs to be arrested and punished. Because of them, what was supposed to be a pacifist anti-NATO demonstration degenerated.
This morning, Strasbourg is waking up with a hangover. With a feeling of disgust and a smell of tear gas. Let's hope for a return to a more peaceful atmosphere today.
42 people injured, 33 persons arrested : these are the consequences of the incidents which took place yesterday."

The Ibis Hotel on fire yesterday in a southern district of Strasbourg.

But don't worry : the American media will say nothing about it.

These pictures won't be shown on American TV channels....

The media will say nothing about these poor people, who live in this district and who wake up this morning in a state of shock. Obama ? They don't give a damn about Obama !
The only thing they think about now, is what their streets, their landscape look like.
From their windows, they only see desolation and destruction, as if their country were  at war...

These are the consequences of the visit of the Messiah !

Sarkozy and the Interior Minister, Michelle Alliot-Marie have been cautious enough : they have planned everything to put Michelle and Carla in security yesterday, while they were visiting the Strasbourg Cathedral and were posing for photographs, like two trophy wives !
They really seemed not to care about what was happening near, a few miles from them ! 

They were too preoccupied with their image, what mattered was to appear as two fashion icons, queens of appearances and superficiality :

France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (R) and U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (C) visit the art renovation workshop of the Strasbourg's Cathedral April 4, 2009.

As you can see, this is a striking contrast with the buildings and cars on fire ! A totally different world...

But which world is the MSM going to present to its public ?

The answer is obvious...

This morning the American press has chosen its camp :
it is full of misleading articles praising the fabulous welcome reserved to the Obama couple in Europe, just to make Americans believe that thanks to the great man, they have become again the masters of the world...

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