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The two men are due to meet in a few hours in the French city of Strasbourg, but their relation is not getting better.

Over the last few days,the French press has been giving a few details about the different motives of tension between Obama and Sarkozy :

- first an article in the news magazine  Nouvel Observateur tells us what is hidden between the two men's smiles : ("Revelations on the relations between Obama and Sarkozy" http://globe.blogs.nouvelobs.com/archive/2009/04/02/revelations-sur-les-relations-obama-sarkozy.html )

- secondly, another news magazine  l'Express has just confirmed the fact that Sarko really got furious when he learnt that Obama wrote a letter to Jacques Chirac ("Obama and Sarkozy : The odd couple"

- and, last but not least, tonight, the news site  Bakchich Infos reveals that the Obama team calls our dear French president "a pain in the arse" ! http://www.bakchich.info/Sarkozy-fait-le-beau-Obama-met-des,07255.html

If you add to this the hype provoked by Obama and Brown yesterday, when they laughed at Sarkozy, when they were asked what they thought about his threat to walk out of the G20 summit.
They shared a good laugh, indeed !

Sarkozy fait rire Obama / Sarkozy makes Obama laugh

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Sarko must really have been livid when he saw the two others making fun of him like that...

In short, the time of their -summer- love story is gone for good !
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