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G20  and Obama's visit to France special coverage  (4) 

I wonder who is going to pay for all these festivities on Friday and on Saturday...
I've just learnt that Sarkozy did everything he could to have the NATO Summit in France, as it was first due to take place in Germany. Now it will be held in Baden Baden and in Strasbourg, thanks to our dear French president.

We should probably feel grateful to Sarkozy for  thinking about his country's prestige, and for spending our money so lavishly in times of crisis.

I suppose it won't bother Obama, to see all this money dedicated to the organization of his visit. He knows what spending money means !

Obama will travel in armored helicopter to go from Strasbourg to Baden, but nobody knows which one he will take. The fear of a terrorist attack is so intense that a doctor will travel with him all the time, ready to do a blood transfusion if Obama were injured during an attack ! What a pleasant atmosphere !

Obama will probably stay at the Hilton Hotel in Strasbourg : that is the least we could do for him, as he is used to luxury hotels !

The Hilton Hotel looks old and grey, doesn't it ? I think it does not suit the Messiah. He is used to paradises for millionnaires...

The only problem is that the Hilton Hotel is situated in the district which is now classified "red zone" (I wrote about the two zones yesterday). And a man, who lives in this area has revealed that he will be forbidden to go back home on the day of Obama's visit ! !

Yes, what I am writing is true : Mister O. does not come to see us very often in France, but, at least, when he comes, we are offered a beautiful present : people cannot even go back  home whenever they want ! How kind of him !

This poor inhabitant of Strasbourg had better not feel too tired after a day of work : he has been asked to go to sleep in a hotel situated in Strasbourg's suburbs, the Eckboshlheim  Ibis Hotel, and so have his neighbours, who live next to the building of France  3 Alsace (the regional TV channel). But apparently, they are not entitled to the Hilton : they will have to content themselves with an Ibis room !

I really wonder who the world leaders think they are to feel free to upset simple people's (like you and me) daily lives ?

Thus, if I understand well, French taxpayers will not only have to pay for all the expenses caused by Obama's visit, but they will also have to stay out of their homes, just to enable the Savior of Humanity to sleep quietly ?

Shall we also have to tell him "thank you" ? 

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