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Over the last few days, Obama has adopted a new strategy : he has now decided to blame the previous administration for the disastrous situation of his country.

That is a brilliant idea indeed : whatever may happen in the future, the Bush administration will be accused of being responsible for the mess.

Refusing to assume his own responsibility, refusing to admit he is totally incompetent...

He will never recognize that his adversaries were right during the presidential campaign : he was not prepared to lead the USA. His inexperience, his lack of commitment as a senator, not to say his laziness are weaknesses that disqualify him, but American voters refused to see this and chose him in an attempt to bring change.

Change, really ?

In his inaugural speech, Obama himself promised he will be different from the other politicians. He asserted he would stop recriminations, and put "an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics."

Well, as the Washington Post noticed a few days ago,

It hasn't taken long for the recriminations to return -- or for the Obama administration to begin talking about the unwelcome "inheritance" of its predecessor.

Over the past month, Obama has reminded the public at every turn that he is facing problems "inherited" from the Bush administration, using increasingly bracing language to describe the challenges his administration is up against. The "deepening economic crisis" that the president described six days after taking office became "a big mess" in remarks this month to graduating police cadets in Columbus, Ohio.

"By any measure," he said during a March 4 event calling for government-contracting reform, "my administration has inherited a fiscal disaster."

Obama's more frequent and acid reminders that former president George W. Bush left behind a trillion-dollar budget deficit, a 14-month recession and a broken financial system have come at the same time Republicans have ramped up criticism that the current president's policies are compounding the nation's economic problems.

Obama had initially been content to leave partisan defense strategy to his proxies, but as the fiscal picture has continued to darken, he has appeared more willing to risk his image as a politician who is above petty partisanship to personally remind the public of Bush's legacy. 

There is something that Obama seems to  have forgotten : 
Was he not a US Senator before being elected President? Therefore, he also is responsible and accountable.
Who had the majority in Congress, even before his election ? Democrats or Republicans ?

So please, Mister O., stop whining, and remember you had
pledged that you would be ready for the job on day one.

It is now clear you have lied to the American voters !
Why don't you simply admit that you and your cabinet are still not ready and will probably never be ?

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