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So, the whole issue is not going away, after all...

A few days ago, a federal judge in Washington has thrown out a lawsuit questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship.

Judge James Robertson said the case was a waste of the court's time and suggested the plaintiff's attorney may have to compensate the president's lawyer.

Many cases have already been submitted concerning the same issues, but all so far have dismissed.

The newest plaintiffs on the scene for lawsuits about Obama’s birth certificate are a group of military personnel, some active, some reservists, and some retired. They all share the same concern, they don’t think that the new President has the requirements set forth in the Constitution to be our President.

But what is becoming more and more intriguing, is the amount of money that Barack Obama has spent (almost 800,000 dollars ! !) through 3 different law firms to deny access to his birth certificate, and not the Certificate of Live Birth, he showed on his website prior to the election.


In a failed case recently the law firm representing him threatened civil action if they produced the certificate and it proved their point. In another action a sitting Judge had made a similar to the effect of “awarding” damages (lawyers fees) to the loser of the case.
In the present case involving the soldiers, one active soldier who made the declaration he didn’t think Obama had the prerequisites to be the Commander in Chief, was ordered through his service agreement to not talk to the press in any way shape or form.
I simply wonder what Obama has to hide, and why he’d spend almost $800,000 to avoid producing a $10 birth certificate, and why with all the present law suits the US Supreme Court has so far refused to hear even one.

 no Hawaii official ever confirmed that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. They simply confirmed that a birth certificate was on file for Barack Hussein Obama. They did not even confirm that the COLB that was published is valid.

What is needed to stop all "conspiracy theories” is the original vault certificate showing the place of birth and the name of the doctor, so it is verifiable. Barack Obama could do that with a phone call and paying a $12 fee. Instead, he is fighting such disclosure with tooth and nail and will probably soon have spent near $1,000,000 in legal fees.

Why spend big money and risk to lose some credibility  for something that can be stopped so easily?
We can't help suspecting him, and thinking he must have something to hide !

Barack, we want to believe you were born in Hawaii !
Please Barack, release that vault certificate and make your political enemies shot up. People don’t need this distraction in hard economic times. Releasing it will help the country to unite. All the supporters of the president should ask him to do so.

As you can see in this poll, for a majority of Americans, the issue of their new president's citizenship is one to consider seriously, and should not be dismissed systematically, as the Supreme Court has done, so far...

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