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The tone has changed...

At first, it is almost nothing. Shyly, some articles are starting to appear, with a few criticisms, more and more numerous...

But nobody dares go too far yet.
It is so hard to debunk the myth...

However, there are some hints, some facts only alluded to, some revelations difficult to believe...

Could we possibly have been wrong ?

Could the providential man be only an ordinary politician, after all, with no magic powers, unable to make his country stand on its feet again ?

Some unflattering articles are now appearing :

- first, this story of teleprompter.
It is difficult for the king of communication to be portrayed like this : a puppet who has nothing to say, and who takes his teleprompter with him wherever he goes, as if he were unable to utter a sentence alone.

This article, published in a newspaper which for a long time has praised the great man, must be seen as an alarming sign. Yes, they do ! The media must be realizing they have made a mistake :

- then, there is this undeniable reality : Obama's message machine is off-key :
(article in French and in English here :      http://europumas.over-blog.com/pages/LA_MACHINE_A_COMMUNICATION_DOBAMA_SESTELLE_GRIPPEE__OBAMAS_MESSAGE_MACHINE_IS_OFFKEY-1179849.html                          )
He has probably lost his faith. And as a result, he sounds far less convincing.

- Similarly, as we explained in our last article, the obvious weaknesses of the new president in the field of foreign policy, are really worrying. The disrespect he showed toward the British Prime Minister is revealing : international affairs do not interest him. In the Senate, he has never attended the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations he belonged to. It is thus not surprising to see him neglecting the relations between Britain and the USA.

And it is only thanks to Hillary that the USA has been able to restore its image abroad : she has already travelled to several strategic places, and she is, contrary to him, a professional politician. Without her, the USA would be ridiculous, with such a puppet, who knows nothing about the world.

To put it into a nutshell...

No doubt : the magic has gone !


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