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Obama's America or how to systematically promote delinquents and appoint them to key Cabinet positions.

The series continues...
It really seems that most of Obama's choices are wrong : he has selected a whole team of thugs.

American are asked to make sacrifices...

Americans are severely punished when they do not respect the law, even if they commit minor offences...

But all these rules do not apply to Team Obama.

A fourth nominee for Barack Obama's cabinet has run into tax problems !

Yesterday, it was revealed that Ron Kirk, the president's choice for US trade representative owed nearly $10,000 in back taxes.

Yes, another one caught red-handed !

However, acting as if the whole thing was only a minor problem, The White House predicted that Mr Kirk, a former mayor of Dallas, would win Senate approval, despite some past errors on his tax returns.

This new administration has a strange conception of the law !

Apparently, you are free to anything, if you are one of Mister O.'s friends...


An administration official said Mr Kirk was guilty only of an accounting error, and should have reported income from speeches he gave, rather than directing it to a charitable fund.

"We are confident that Mayor Kirk will be confirmed," said Ben LaBolt, a White House spokesman.

Mr Kirk has agreed to pay back $10,000 in unpaid taxes.

Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! This is laughable !
After Daschle, Killefer, and Geithner...

Not surprising...

What were to expect from a Chicago mafioso who is now leading the most powerful country in the world ?

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