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This is a movement that is gaining momentum...

More and more Americans are demonstrating against Obama's policies, and are organizing their protest in numeraous "Tea Parties" held across the country.

This anti-Obama movement could become so important in future  weeks that even the MSM feels obliged to report on it : you can try to make a search on Google News entering the word "Tea Party", and you will now find dozens of articles !

It means that less than two months after his inauguration, Obama has managed to anger some of his fellow-citizens so much that they have decided to show their disagreement.
Their move is highly symbolical, as Tea Parties refer to the revolutionary period against the King of England, in the eighteenth century, and to the famous Boston Tea Party which was a significant moment in the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party was held in 1773 by a patriot group known as the Sons of Liberty to protest the British Tea Act by tossing crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

Boston Tea Party

Friday, several thousand Americans gathered to protest the spending and tax policies of President Barack Obama in over forty cities across the United States in what has come to be known as the New American Tea Party.

New American Tea Party Protest Houston, Texas

The tea party protests were inspired by a televised rant by CNBC commentator Rick Santelli who suggested holding a tea party to protest President Obama's scheme to bail out mortgage holders. The grievances felt by the attendees of the tea parties have expanded to include spending and tax increases proposed in Obama's budget for FY2010.
News and information about the tea party protests have been
spread by Internet tools such as twitter, YouTube, social media such as Facebook, and bloggers like Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds, who has been providing pictures and updates sent in by his readers. The tea party protests are a demonstration of how the new media, in the hands of ordinary people, can help to catalyze a political movement.

While the Friday tea party protests attracted just a few hundred people in each city, Instapundit reader Robert Mayer suggested that the New American Tea Party movement has the potential to grow enormously.

In the future, this could transform into massive civil unrest against the government !

Let's hope people will be more and more numerous to react and to organize themselves into a real protest movement.
It is high time to denounce the fraud, the con man who came to power !

Remember : democracy can always express itself thanks to the people's voices.

And some Americans are determined not to fall in line, and to start fighting, as their ancestors did, centuries ago...

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