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Today's headlines are misleading :
"Obama Withdraws Troops from Iraq" or "Obama keeps campaign promise to put war in Iraq to an end".

This sounds promising, indeed.
But when you read the articles to the end, you realise that Mister O. is not ending anything !

In reality, he  is leaving 50,000 troops in Iraq and sending 150,000 more to Afghanistan : can this be called the "end" of a war ?

Am I stupid ?

Map locates places in Iraq most mentioned in the latest withdrawal plan

Contrary to what a lot of anti war activists had thought when they voted for Obama, the war is NOT over !

And a lot of Democrats are not happy...

Obama has basically adopted George Bush's policies : what proves it is the reaction of Republicans to his decision. Even his former opponent, John McCain has said he agrees with Obama's "withdrawal plan" (which is not a withdrawal !).

I bet U.S troops will not be leaving the region anytime soon. Remember Vietnam ?

Meanwhile, thousands of American soldiers will continue to be killed...
And so will ten of thousands Iraqi civilians noone speaks about !

And America will continue to spend billions of dollars a month while it is facing bankrupcy...

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