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"I screwed up".

"I screwed up" :
these are the only words Obama found to speak about the way he handled the Daschle scandal (see previous post).

He said nothing about the other members of his Cabinet who have not paid their taxes either.

The president who "screwed up" pretended that Daschle case was a minor affair, due to an error of judgement on his part, whereas he perfectly knew from the start who Daschle really is, and his tax problem. He chose to support him until the very end, and on the eve of Daschle's withdrawal, Obama even asserted that he maintained him as Secretary of Health nominee, for he trusted him entirely.

Then, as he realized that this affair was taking big proportions and was rousing stir among the American taxpayers, he stepped back yesterday, and appeared on CNN to make a pseudo mea culpa.

Obama probably thought that if he spoke as any American, with informal words like "I screwed up", he would appear as close to them, and they would forgive him more easily. And he introduced himself as a new kind of president : the one who acknowledges his mistakes publicly.

However, the president's attitude is likely to worry the American population, instead of reassuring them.
For everybody remembers what happened during the campaign : Obama repeated : what is important is "to be ready on Day One", to those who were accusing him of lacking experience.

And now he says the contrary : he recognizes that he is so incompetent that he can make mistakes, but everybody makes mistakes, so people must forgive him...
He comes on television in order to say : "Sorry, I've not been able to choose my Cabinet members correctly, but I apologize...".

"I screwed up" : this sounds not very presidential.
This is probably Obama's particular style, which has been called "cool" ...

Sorry, but I don't like presidents who are "cool", and who "screw up", because I think such attitudes may have disastrous consequences and be dangerous, for the USA first, but secondly for the whole world...

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