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I am starting to repeat myself, but what else can I do ?
Change we can believe in... Where's the change ?

It now seems obvious that there will be no change in the US Middle-East policy :
sending special envoys, condemning Hamas, and encouraging Israël to go on slaughtering babies, children and women, thousands of innocent people...

It is a pity, but  I am awfully disappointed by Hillary's first words on the situation in the region, which she certainly borrowed from her boss.

No originality... The same old words we heard from George Bush and Condoleezza Rice...

Hillary Clinton has just given her first news conference at the State Department.
And what did she say ?


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smiles as she works a rope line with U.S. President Barack Obama at the State Department in Washington January 22, 2009.REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files

She said that Israel had a right to defend itself and that Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza on the Jewish state could not go unanswered.

Clinton spoke as a fragile cease-fire ruptured between Israel and Hamas-ruled Gaza on the same day as President Barack Obama's special envoy George Mitchell arrived in the region to try and shore up the truce.

"We support Israel's right to self-defence. The (Palestinian) rocket barrages which are getting closer and closer to populated areas (in Israel) cannot go unanswered," Clinton said in The top U.S. diplomat, whose comments may be seen by some as giving Israel a green light to once again pound Gaza, accused Hamas of "offensive" action against the Israeli Defence Forces on the border.

"It is regrettable that the Hamas leadership apparently believes that it is in their interest to provoke the right of self-defence instead of building a better future for the people of Gaza," said Clinton.

Clinton said the short-term U.S. objective was to get a durable cease-fire, adding that the Obama administration was concerned about civilian casualties on both sides and the humanitarian suffering.

Asked about the humanitarian plight of Palestinians in Gaza, Clinton said the United States was looking to increase assistance there but did not indicate how much more funding was available or when the aid would be delivered.

"The United States is currently the single largest contributor to Palestinian aid and we will be adding even more because we believe that it's important to help those who have been damaged and are suffering," she said.

So, to sum up Hillary's words :
the USA is encouraging Israel to go on killing Palestinians, and meanwhile,  Americans are providing assistance to those who have been wounded...

I really think that Hillary should be ashamed : she has always been involved in improving the situation of women and children all over the world. And now she has the real power to do something...

But the only message she sends to the women and the babies of Gaza is : you are going to suffer in the future, but it is normal. Don't worry : we will help you if your house is destroyed or if members of your family are killed.

A promising start, indeed...

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mideast envoy George Mitchell smile at one another during President Barack Obama's visit to the State Department in Washington January 22, 2009.(Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

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Michigan4Hillary 05/02/2009 04:23

I'm not surprised by her statements. First, she's always been hawkish when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East. I admire Hillary but understand that she is a mainstream politician. Every mainstream American politician will be pro-Israel. That will not change anytime soon. Also, she must remain in line with Obama's message. Unfortunately, what Obama says goes from now on because she is working for him and she would not only endanger her political career but also be slaughtered by the press if she ever goes against Obama's wishes.

FrenchNail 28/01/2009 17:25

Voila un point ou je sens la difference entre le point de vue americain et celui du reste du monde. En tant qu'americaine (catholique), je ne peux pas envisager l'abandon d'Israel. Je suis parfaitement consciente des tords d'Israel, mais tant que les palestiniens et le reste du Moyen-Orient ne changeront pas leur attitude belligerante et d'attaque a l'encontre d'Israel, je lui reconnaitrait le droit de defense. Il faut que les arabes acceptent l'existence d'Israel et son droit de presence au Moyen-Orient. ET il faut qu'Israel reconnaissent ses tords financiers et humanitaires. Autrement on ne s'en sortira pas. Et si l'Iran continue a tirer les ficelles dans trois guerres par procuration (Hamas, Ezbollah, et Irak), en leur fournissant des armes et en courrant au nucleaire, on va tout droit a WWIII. Vu de l'Amerique, il y a un manque de participation et de raison flagrant de la part de tous les pays de la region. On dirait que les arabes ne veulent pas la paix et que le martyre des palestiniens est provoque pour faire plier l'opinion publique mondiale. Et cela evoque chez les americains des sentiments de non-confiance et de defendeurs du plus faible.

Et puis honnetement, il faut bien que le Pentagone puisse tester ses nouvelles armes!!! (je plaisante bien sur mais seulement dans une certaine mesure. Je ne suis pas duppe des dessous financiers de la position americaine)