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He has not been inaugurated president yet, and he already acknowledges that he told lies during his campaign...


It happened this morning, during the TV show "This Week" on ABC.

Obama has been telling lies for months, not to say years, and today, it is the very first time that he has spoken the truth !


He had better do this, you'll tell me : now that his time has come, he will have to show what he is able to do to the people who voted for him .

Words, words, words : this era is over, now. He has to act.

That's why he is preparing his fellow-citizens to  a terrible disapppointment.

That was the message he conveyed today on ABC.





First, he started to say that the major crisis which affects the country will oblige him to scale back on his campaign promises.
And he went as far as to say that it will require personal sacrifice from all Americans.


Isn't this funny ?

The USA was expecting a Messiah. And who is coming ? An individual without any magic powers, like you and me, who says down-to-earth things, and even predicts "blood and tears."

Here are the main statements he made in his interview, concerning the promises he made when he was chanting "We are the change we've been looking for... We are the ones we were expecting."

- His preliminary remar
k to prepare his audience to the bad piece of news he was going to announce throughout the show was :

 “I want to be realistic here [at last, shall we dare say ! Better now than never, but for Americans people, it is a bit too late. There will be no turning back : they wanted him... they have him !], not everything that we talked about during the campaign are we going to be able to do on the pace we had hoped,” Everybody’s going to have to give.”

- He constantly insisted on the bad indicators of the US economy, probably to justify himself :

"all of the indicators show that we are in the worst recession since the Great Depression,”  


Among the campaign promises that may be delayed is his vow to quickly close the prison camp at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“It is more difficult than I think a lot of people realize", he declared.  

And yet, the crisis cannot explain his flip-flopping ! Had he not realized this himself, when he made this promise during the campaign ? Is he discovering the problem only now ?



- Foreign policy
Once again, he refused to say anything about the situation in Gaza.
Obviously, he does not feel any compassion towards the hundreds of children who have died these last few days. The words he uttered did not make any sense, were empty, as if for him this conflict did not mean anything : it “makes me much more determined to try to break a deadlock that has gone on for decades.”


I'm sure the population who lives in the Middle-East is going to feel reassured after hearing such words, tonight !
That's a promising future, isn't it ?

Really, tonight, I wonder how the people who voted for him feel, after watching him on TV... 

No, this is not the real Obama, but a
lifelike wax figure of himon display at Madame Tussauds. Looking better than in reality, isn't he ?


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FrenchNail 14/01/2009 22:03


Sorry to rain on your parade, but he did say he was the ONE people was waiting for. He said it to Pilosi after his return from Europe.

That said, I would agree with you that we should wait and see what he is all about, only I know what he is all about. He is an unconstitutional President! Natural Born means and meant at the time of the constitution was writen: Born on the territory of the United States and born from parents (emphasis on the plural) who are American citizen at the time of your birth. So now what?

Where is such situation concocted by both Parties and authorized by the Media silence supposed to lead us?

My bet is a major scandal and a Republican landslide in 2010. And people out in the streets loosing their jobs and their houses.

What do you think?

jackieh 14/01/2009 06:25


As for the rest: well what else were people expecting? That he would come with his miraculous magic wand and solve all problems in his country and in the world right from day one in a waving, and after that we would all live in a planet-wide lala land?

I hope no sensible adult living on Earth seriously believed this, even in the climax of "Obamania" fever :-) and if anyone really did, then they were clearly fools. Ah yes, how wonderful the world would be if it could be that easy... ;-)

But here concessions are with the timing - and more precisely in some cases in the possibility of realising the announced target during the famous 100 first days in office, the usual "grace period". Nowhere did he say he was giving up on the target themselves.

He is not even inaugurated yet, so let's just wait and see and give him a chance.

On any project running on several years the first serious review is in mid-term, so let's observe him and judge him on facts and achievements, instead of trying to second-guess his intentions - for better for worse (and YES there is always the possibility that he will fail, and/or betray, and/or that his presidency will be the worst mess ever recorded in human history - or more simply and more miserably, that he will turn out to be plain mediocre. But that's something we will be more able to evaluate one or two years from now).

And, last thing - NO he is NOT a Messiah of any kind (and he himself never pretended to be one) but an ordinary human being with a certain set of skills that landed him into his current position, who will try to do what he can in the situations he will be in. He ain't gonna save the world single-handed ;-) no human being, however "powerful", can solve all of the world's problems on his own account. Nice result already if he can solve a couple of them.

Let's hope he will sincerely do his best - yet let's not expect too much.

jackieh 14/01/2009 06:06

“When you see civilians, whether Palestinian or Israeli, harmed, under hardship, it’s heartbreaking.”

Is that maybe not clear enough?

AT LAST he broke his infamous silence on Gaza!!! None too early.

But at least, while still not denying his Sderot campaign words, he acknowledges concern for the plightof the people in Gaza, and some of the pro-Palestinian he used to be years ago still shows.

And he acknowledges reevaluation of his priorities in front of the situation.

Just hope his will is going to be real enough, strong enough, and he will be smart enough and fair enough - and all this is going to be enough to stop the massacre and suffering in Gaza...

Maybe a Utopian view but despair will lead us nowhere fast anyway, so why not give (event faint) hope a chance for a change?