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"Give me your money, 'cause I've spent your donations so lavishly for months that I'm now broke and I need money to finance my inauguration."

Barack Obama has just sent an e-mail to supporters asking for donations to help pay for his presidential inauguration.
Although it was not exactly written in these terms, this is what it means : it appears that Obama, his team, his friends and his family have wasted so much money that they are now in trouble to finance all the ceremonies they want to take place on Inauguration Day.

"I know we've asked a lot of you," Obama acknowledges in the e-mail, a reference to his unprecedented fundraising efforts during his presidential campaign.

"Just like we did on the campaign, we're relying entirely on supporters like you -- ordinary people giving whatever they can afford to make [the inauguration] an event for all Americans," the e-mail says. 

Obama, does not hesitate to sign off with his first name in the e-mail, probably to appear more like "a friend in need" and convince people.
How disgusting !

And he is cheeky enough to give the following explanation, to justify this new call for -financial- help :

he writes that new contributions are needed because his team is organizing the "most open and accessible inauguration in our nation's history" without the help of lobbyists or big corporations.

But what he forgets to mention in his e-mail, is that a large part of the money which was supposed to be dedicated to the inauguration ceremony and events, has been used to pay for the suite of the Hay Adams Hotel !

The sum collected so far for the inauguration is enormous :
Mr. Obama has already taken in about $27 million for the inauguration; "much of it with single checks of $25,000 or $50,000 from executives from Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Hollywood as well as from former supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton," the New York Times

So we can really wonder how Obama can dare ask for more money, in times of crisis, this is a shame.
I wonder if he realizes how shocking his behaviour is, and I am worried for my American friends : in a few days, he will become president, but the question is : what will he do with his fellow-citizens' money ?

He has got millions of dollars in his pockets, and in a few days, he can spend them...

Now it is said the deficit of the USA will reach "three trillion dollars" if his stimulus plan is voted by Congress (it is currently 2.2 trillion dollars,  and not 1.2   as officially said ), but this figure "3 trillion dollars"  does not make sense.
 I can't even imagine what it represents.
I only understand that the USA is totally bankrupt !

Where are Americans going with this man ?

According to NPR, the inaugural committee and transition project together need $50 million, however, and are now facing potential budget shortfalls.

Here is a extract from the article :

Less than two weeks before the inauguration, President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural committee and his transition project face potential budget shortfalls. They jointly need some $50 million, and fundraising appears to have been lagging.


The inaugural committee pays for the official inaugural festivities: the lavish balls, the jumbo video screens on the National Mall, most of the parade activities and almost everything else except the swearing-in ceremony itself. The transition project finances the grunt work of the new administration, ranging from recommending appointees to assessing the condition of agencies.

But the days when candidate Obama could sometimes raise more than $50 million in a single month are long gone. The economy has gone bad, and money doesn't gush the way it used to. So far, the inaugural committee has raised about $27 million, 60 percent of its projected budget.

"Certainly people are looking to see what sort of contribution they can make," says Linda Douglass, spokeswoman for the inaugural committee. "But we are on target."

The committee accepts contributions up to $50,000. So far, 350 donors have given the maximum. The sum is roughly seven times more than a donor could legally give to the Obama campaign. Among the donors are many Hollywood celebrities who gave to the campaign, including Steven Spielberg, Samuel Jackson and George Lucas.

Inaugural money also comes in bundles — contributions collected by a single person. More than 100 campaign bundlers have raised funds for the inaugural committee. Twenty bundlers have hit the committee's self-imposed ceiling of $300,000.

The transition project takes contributions of up to $5,000, and just 220 donors have given that much. The project reports 56,000 contributors, and a spokesman says the average contribution is $70. A big reason for the small gifts is that the transition benefited from the Obama campaign's database of four million donors soon after the election. The vast majority of people in the database are small donors.



Last but not least, Obama's e-mail could be entitled "The audacity of hypocrisy", for he uses an age-old tactic to encourage donations: He offers a prize.

"And if you make a donation of any amount before midnight tonight, you could be selected to come to Washington, D.C., and be part of the welcome ceremony, the swearing in, the Inaugural Parade, and the Inaugural Community Ball," he writes.


On January 20th, our journey to bring change will officially begin.

We're organizing the most open and accessible inauguration in our nation's history. And we're doing it without contributions from Washington lobbyists or big corporations.

Just like we did on the campaign, we're relying entirely on supporters like you -- ordinary people giving whatever they can afford to make this an event for all Americans.

I know we've asked a lot of you. But changing the way business is done in Washington will take a commitment from all of us. Right now, you can help give this administration a strong start.

And if you make a donation of any amount before midnight tonight, you could be selected to come to Washington, D.C., and be part of the welcome ceremony, the swearing in, the Inaugural Parade, and the Inaugural Community Ball.

Make a donation of $5 or more and be part of the historic moment you made possible.

We have a long road ahead of us, and we're going to face some major challenges as soon as we start. But I know I can count on you every step of the way.

Thank you for everything you've done and happy New Year,


P.S. -- You could be there for this historic moment even if you cannot make a donation. You can show your support by sharing what this Inauguration means to you. Learn more here:

To conclude, I would like to quote a former Obama supporter who left a comment on the Web site of the Los Angeles Times :

"I got so tired of e-mails asking for more and more money that I finally unsubscribed to their e-mailing list! HOWEVER, I am not only tired of all the begging, I am tired of all the EXTRAVAGANCE. Give us a break Obama isn't Louis XVI and this isn't Versailles. Americans are out of work and out of money, just like the poor French peasants before the French Revolution. Or, in spite of all therhetoric about recession, does he just NOT GET IT?"

I find the comparison with Louis XVI and Versailles particularly relevant...
It is clear Obama views himself as a king, and Michelle is his Marie-Antoinette.
But beware !

Remember what happened to them ?

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Michigan4Hillary 20/01/2009 15:10

This totally reminds me of The French Revolution. Americans are being fired from their jobs and kicked out of their homes but the Obamas find a way to have a $150-180 million inauguration bash? Michelle in her designer clothes and their pals eating expensive organic food is just like Marie Antoinette telling the poor and the hungry, "Let them eat cake!".