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Today we are saying farewell to 2008, and everywhere in the media you will hear :
"The most important event which happened this year is Barack Obama's election."

Everybody is happy : 2009 is going to start with a new president who is going to redeem America's sins, past and present.

Brave New World...

Except that...

What kind of change and hope are we speaking about ?

- A man who cheated during the primary election, especially in the caucuses

- A man who stole the nomination from the only qualified person for the job : Hillary Clinton.

- A man who did his best during the primary to discredit the Clintons, to laugh at Bill Clinton's legacy as president, to portray them as has-beens, and worse, to present Bill Clinton as a racist.

- A man who has hidden his real identity : Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama ?

- A man who lied about his birth, refusing to release his birth certificate, to discuss the problem of his possible birth in Kenya, his Indonesian nationality ( the one he had as a child in Indonesia), and who has never acknowledged that he had been raised as a Muslim boy, for several years, in Indonesia by his father-in-law (as if he were ashamed !).

- A man who has never really explained how he managed to enter Columbia University, who has refused to release his college records so far ?

- A man who has been raised in Chicago's corrupt political world, associated with Tony Rezko, a businessman currently in jail, Nadhmi Auchi, a friend of Saddam Hussein, William Ayers, a former terrorist, Jeremiah Wright, a racist, anti-white pastor and a governor Rod Blagojevich who is accused of trying to sell Obama's senate seat and who was arrested by the FBI a few weeks ago...

- A man who has constantly flip-flopped on almost every issue during the campaign.

- A man who has absolutely no legislative accomplishment, who has only been a senator since 2004, and who spent the last two years campaigning, and not working in the Senate.

- A man who has no foreign policy experience, and who does not even know the number of states there are in his own country (57, according to him !).

- A man who appointed only five women as members of his administration, whereas he was elected by a majority of women and supported by all feminist groups

- A man who has chosen an anti-gay, anti-woman pastor for his inauguration ceremony.

- A man who said he would change everything and revolutionize the practice of politics and who chose only former members of the Clinton administration for his transition team or in his new Cabinet.

- A man who has claimed he would put an end to this odious war, and whose first decisions were to keep Robert Gates, as his defense secretary, that is to say the man who is in command for several years and who persuaded him that more troops will have to be sent to Afghanistan in a few weeks.

- A man who during the campaign said that he understood why the Arab world can sometimes feel hateful toward the USA, and  promised he would do his best to change these feelings, to be more fair and impartial in the Middle-East conflict, and who chose as White House Secretary Rahm Emanuel, who is Jewish, and who of course is pro-Israël. That can explain his current silence on the situation in Gaza...

- A man who is spending his holiday in a paradise for millionnaires while his fellow-citizens are facing an unprecedented crisis, a growing unemployment, soaring prices, and home foreclosures.

I could go on and on...

So I apologize for being so pessimistic today...

But I won't join the worldwide celebration of Obama's victory to conclude this year and to start 2009.

For this is a change I don't believe in...

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