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 Today it is  Rod Blagojevich’s birthday today, but I highly doubt there’s much celebrating or a Happy Birthday cake .

 I don’t think his former friend, Barack will be calling to wish him a Happy 52nd Birthday or wish him well.
I guess you have to wonder just how fast Obama deleted his phone number off his cell phone.
Obama is only loyal to Obama, if you expected something different, you’re a fool.
Blago should have known better, and others should learn the lesson...

If we had a honest media who would have exposed Obama's involvement in the political corruption that runs rampant throughout the state of Illinois, but we all know about the way the MSM does its job...

One example : The New York Times [NYT] has just written about “the murky and insular world of Illinois politics.
It’s a realm of open corruption, boundless greed and contempt for the law.

But once they have said that, why have they forgotten to add this undeniable fact ?
Illinois is the lifelong political home of President-elect Obama. But what the New York Times should denounce if they did their job correctly, is that Obama leant everything about politics in this enchanted world. So why, why is the MSM not telling the story of Obama's political rise in the corrupt Chicago machine ?

Now concerning Blagojevich's arrest, or others before him from Chicago, my opinion is that these guys in Illinois are amateurs, they get caught. 
All amateurs... Except one...
So, I would give them a piece of advice, if you are a crook, be a good one....
Like Obama !


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