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The U.S. Supreme Court will debate today whether to take up a
case calling into question President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship. New Jersey
attorney Leo Donofrio originally filed the lawsuit against N.J. Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells with the intention of delaying the presidential election. He then amended the suit to halt the certification of Obama by the Electoral College on Dec. 15. But the chance that the justices will hear the case is very slim, legal experts say.

“Nothing in what we’ve seen from the court so far suggests any likelihood the court is actually going to take the cases,” said Eugene Volokh, a constitutional law professor at the
University of California
at Los Angeles School of Law, according to The Washington Times.

Donofrio does not dispute that Obama was born in
Hawaii, unlike many of the other cases challenging his citizenship. But he argues that Obama is a British citizen because his father held a British citizenship—Kenya used to be British East Africa.

Even if the Donofrio lawsuit does not dispute the fact Obama was born in Hawai, let’s be clear that a lot of doubts remain over this birth.

In the case of Mr. Obama’s status of natural-born citizenship there are too many unanswered questions and not enough transparency where the facts are concerned. For a candidate who ran his presidential campaign on the promise of transparency, Mr. Obama has proven in the earliest moments of his executive tenure that transparency is subjective.

The most troubling of the troublesome questions is why Mr. Obama didn’t immediately release his vaulted, original birth certificate for examination. This act would have not only eliminated a potential stumbling block for his campaign, but it would have certified his eligibility for the office of President of the
United States and saved the taxpayers the cost of judicial intervention. Instead, under the pretext of visiting an ailing grandmother in Hawaii just days before the 2008 Presidential Election, Mr. Obama had his vaulted, original birth certificate sealed by Hawaii’s governor, Linda Lingle (R).



Before the election Obama said he would release the original birth certificate (not the certificate of birth-which just states a birth took place). He also said he would release his college papers etc. Did that happen ? No !


Can't he be honest and show all the documents or do they not agree with what he has been telling us. This is not a racist issue - nor a party issue the citizens of the US have a right to know the answers.  

The longer he procrastinates the more suspicious this all becomes. If he doesn't have anything to hide just present the requested documents. A birth certificate lists hospital, witnesses, country, doctor etc.
Where are they Obama? Do you want to start your presidency with such suspicions ?

The problem here is that Obama only provided the DNC with a Live Birth Cert (not signed by anyone) also at the time he was born,
Hawaii gave 2 type of birth certs. (1st you where born on the USA. 2nd Live birth cert, you could get this up to 1 year of age. You did not need to prove the birth took place in Hawaii.)

So far, Obama has refused to allow anyone to review is Birth Cert in Hawaii. He has hire three law firms to defend him on this suit !


Donofrio’s case originally asked for both McCain's and Obama's natural born citizenship to be proved. Therefore, it's not about Democrat or Republican - it's about Constitutional law. How can a President of the United States swear to uphold the Constitution if he is violating it himself? Is it too much to ask for a certified copy of the legal birth certificate that shows which hospital he was born in? (not the certificate of live birth that Obama released - there is a difference between the two)

Why doesn't he want his school records released? Why does he refuse to release the proof required? What does he have to hide?



Other candidates were asked to produce their birth certificates as well - and they complied. The only candidate who did not was Obama. He eventually produced a copy of a Certification of Live Birth (not a valid Birth Certificate) and posted the copied on the internet. Obama has guards stationed in Hawaii - where his "original birth certificate" is sealed in a vault.

The Supreme Court Justices have the power to demand to see the original and put the questions surrounding Obama's eligibility to rest.

What was released and has been shown many times was a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. What the people want to see is a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth. There is a HUGE difference in the two. A Certification of Live Birth only gives basic info and is for vital statistical purposes only. In most cases this document would not be good enough to get a passport, driver’s license, enlist in the military, or various other things we all need to do in our lives.

 The COLB online may be valid - but does not prove where he was actually born, since his parent(s) could have simply registered his birth in Honolulu - without proof or witness's : there is something seriously wrong...
 Barack Obama is being extremely secretive about his life : a
ll his records are being "sealed" and yet - no MSM is questioning these actions. . Moreover, he has spent more than $500K to prevent those records from being made public. Why ? The truth must be terrible !
This is uncredibly suspicious, as well as unbelievably arrogant of Obama.

Any American who wants to become a public officer, for example a teacher or a police officer must submit official documents when he applies : certified copies of his birth certificate, college transcripts, and high school transcripts, copies of his diplomas.
On college transcripts, there are fields on it that indicate what your citizenship is as well as what grants, scholarships, and financial aid you received during your education. May Obama refuse to release them because they reveal something about his “real” citizenship ?

 Obama has failed to prove that he meets the eligibility requirements for that office.

The duty of SCOTUS is to protect the US Constitution and to ensure that the tenets therein are followed. All nine Justices have sworn an oath to uphold the US Constitution.
I have no doubt that SCOTUS will do the right thing by hearing arguments for this case.

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