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U.S. Republican vice- presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah ...

U.S. Republican vice- presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waves to the crowd after U.S. Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) delivered his concession speech in Phoenix, November 4, 2008. REUTERS/Mike Blake

She has been mocked. She has been laughed at. She has been the object of constant, repeated satires and sarcasms.
She has been caricatured. She has been ridiculed.
She has been described by feminist organizations as "anti-women", because she preferred not to have an abortion while she knew her baby would not be like other children.

The MSM has incessantly tried to destroy her. They have attempted to discredit her thanks to so-called scandals in her state of Alaska.
She has been libeled.
She has been treated like dirt.

And yet, she has stood firm.

And yet, she has delivered the most beautiful feminist speeches of all the presidential campaigns in history.
(see our section "Memorable videos : "Palin's speech in Henderson Nevada" + and our October post "Sarah Palin : A True Feminist" :  )

And yet, she has kept smiling. She has never shown the face of despair or discouragement. On the contrary.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin greets supporters after returning to ...
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin greets supporters after returning to Anchorage, Alaska, Wednesday Nov. 5, 2008. Palin returned after 70 days on the campaign trail as Sen. John McCain's, R-Arriz., running-mate in the presidential election.(AP Photo/Al Grillo)

She was the one who delivered the blows against Obama. She was the one who dared say what John McCain did not say.

She was a real energetic, rejuvenating presence in this campaign after Hillary gave up.

She was the one who reconciled women with politics.

And she is the only one we have to thank today : she was the best candidates of all candidates...

No doubt the Republican Party has found its star for the next election.

And don't listen to everything which has been said against Sarah Palin since Tuesday night.

that "she was the one who made McCain lose.. because voters were afraid she might become president if McCain died in office"... etc.... etc....

Lies ; pure lies spread by the MSM, as usual...

Believe me : A Star is Born ! 

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