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For three days, the world has been engulfed by an unprecedented wave called Obamania. Everywhere, the mediacracy is marveling at his election : thanks to him, we know now that "America is a place where all things are possible" and "the dreams of [its] founders are alive in our times" (this is how Obama introduced his victory speech on Tuesday night).

While the naïve are getting enthusiastic, stuffing themselves with the beautiful speeches and pictures constantly broadcast by the  networks which have been working for the Chicago Messiah for months, we are keeping a cool head here. And all those who do not fall in line perfectly know that after any dream, beautiful as it may be, comes the time of terrible disillusions.

Since June, we have been trying to denounce Barack Obama's formidable electoral machine, to put to the fore the unknown aspects of his personality, his connections to shady characters, to underline his constant flip-flopping on every issue, and his total inexperience in front of the challenges he is now going to face. The Obama team is in fact a coalition of special interests, and now we are going to discover who was hiding behind them.

All these people are on the verge of entering the White House, and will stay there for at least four years : that is why, from now on, it is necessary to watch them very closely, with no bias, contrary to what the MSM will probably be doing. 

Be sure that this blog will resist the wave, and will have a unique goal : try to tell the truth about the new president of the USA, even if it is sometimes unpleasant to hear.

So... let's see what is going to happen...
And : Good luck, Mister Obama ! 

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